A magnificent island in the Andaman Sea, where everyone can find a vacation to his liking. Everything you need to know before visiting - overview, neighborhoods, beaches, best places to visit, accommodation.

Have you ever dreamed of a place where the serenity of white sandy beaches blends seamlessly with a rich cultural heritage and vibrant nightlife? The island of Phuket can make those dreams come true. What really makes this island the pearl of the Andaman Sea and the main tourist center of Thailand, and probably all of Asia?

Phuket Beaches

Phuket's history is as colorful as its sunsets. A major trade route between India and China passed through the island and was plundered by sea pirates. And who can forget the heroines Chan and Mook, who fought off the Burmese invasion in the 18th century?

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, with an area of about 540 square kilometers. Imagine - the area of the island is almost one and a half times the size of Singapore! Phuket is characterized by mountainous areas, tropical forests and, of course, the purest beaches.

From the bustling Patong Beach to the serene shores of Kata Noi and the beautiful snorkeling at Yanui, Phuket has a stretch of sand for every type of vacationer. Do you love water sports? Or maybe you like to laze around with a book? Either way, you'll find everything you need on Phuket's beaches. The island's temples, such as Wat Chalong and the Big Buddha Monument, give an insight into the spiritual side of Phuket. The island is a food lover's paradise, offering a combination of traditional Thai dishes with an international flavor.

When to visit

Think you can hop on a plane and head to Phuket anytime you want? Yes, but understanding the tropical monsoon climate will help you choose the most appropriate season. There are basically two seasons in Phuket:

  • The dry season from November to April is the best time for beach vacations, outdoor excursions and participating in local festivals.
  • The wet season from May to October is ideal for those who don't like crowds, but prefer lower prices and don't mind a little rain.


Getting around Phuket is not as difficult as you might think. The island has all the options for transportation: local tuk-tuks and familiar cab apps. By the way, you can order a motorcycle cab, unlike most of the countries we are used to. You can also rent transportation - but keep in mind that if you rent a vehicle, make sure you are familiar with local driving rules and are used to left-hand traffic.

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