Ao Sane

Great uncrowded snorkeling beach on the southern part of the island near Nai Harn

Have you ever dreamed of being in a tropical paradise, with sun-drenched beaches and the crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea? Phuket, Thailand's largest island, is home to some of the best beaches in the world, each with its own unique charm and beauty.

Today, let's take a virtual journey to discover a hidden gem - Ao San Beach, a secluded spot that offers a serene Thai vacation.

How to get there

Ao Sane Beach is located in the southwestern part of Phuket Island, close to the excellent Nai Harn beach. It is about 25 km from Phuket International Airport. Almost all the way to the beach is a road from Nai Harn - the way on foot will take about 15-20 minutes, by bike or car can be reached in 5-7.

For those who prefer to travel at their own pace, you can rent a car. On the way to the beach you will come across several cafes with picturesque views of the bay - if you walk, you can sit there and relax, such as Mahasamutr Seaview Sunset Bar & Restaurant - Google Maps.

Mahasamutr Seaview Sunset Bar & Restaurant

Photo by Clara BODIN on Google Maps


The best time to visit Ao Sane Beach is from November to April, when the weather is dry and the sea is calm, creating optimal conditions for swimming and snorkeling. 

Upon arrival at Ao Sane Beach, you will be greeted by a strip of coarse golden sand, with flecks of stones and large boulders. The length of the beach is about 200 meters and there are usually not many people here, giving plenty of space for relaxing and sunbathing.

The main wealth of Ao San is its crystal clear waters, small waves even in the rainy season and a coral-rich underwater world that beckons you to dive into the refreshing water. Coral reefs and rock formations start just a few meters from the shore, creating a real underwater paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts.

There is also a flat rocky shore to the left of the beach, which you can walk and sunbathe on, as well as swim along and enjoy the underwater world.

Although you are already on Ao San beach - there are 2 small beaches next to it, which you can literally walk to in 5 minutes. The first one is Kratin beach, which is a small cozy corner with softer sand.

Kratin beach, Phuket

Photo by Urs Dreyer on Google Maps

The second beach, which is located another 100 meters away even has no name and the whole entrance to the sea is rocks and corals, which will be very interesting for snorkeling lovers, but hardly inspire the exploits of ordinary people. Do not forget to take coral slippers on it. 

What to do

The beach lacks any civilization and entertainment, so it's a paradise for those looking for a natural vacation. Be sure to try snorkeling - there are vibrant coral reefs and plenty of marine life - urchins, starfish, moray eels, colorful fish and sometimes sea turtles. There is no nightlife, bars, stores or restaurants on the beach, so take care to bring everything you need with you.

There used to be a small cafe, tables and sun loungers on the beach, but as of October 2023 there is a new hotel being built close to the beach, so this has all been demolished.


Right on Kratin beach is the Baan Krathing Phuket Resort, a pleasant complex of small houses. Nightly rates start at 3,000 baht.

Closer to Nai Harn, there is a fairly simple and budget hotel called Nai Harn On The Rock Resort. Nightly rates start from 1200 baht.

Well, if you want a premium vacation, consider the 5-star The Nai Harn. A night at this luxury hotel starts from 10,000 baht.

Ao San cannot be called a place for everyday vacation, but it is definitely a place worth visiting. Therefore, you can choose accommodation options in Nai Harn, Rawai, Kata and Karon - it will take 20-30 minutes to get from them to Ao San.


Safety on Ao Sane beach is a top priority - given the amount of underwater rocks and coral, take care to have coral slippers and keep a close eye on children. Also, don't forget the sun and sunscreen.

Also, when exploring the rocky parts of the beach, watch your feet carefully to avoid accidents.


Ao Sane beach is a great combination of natural beauty, adventure and relaxation. It can probably be compared in atmosphere to the even more hidden Lae Sing or the snorkeling-appropriate Yanui. So pack your bags, apply sunscreen and get ready to be captivated by the charm of Ao Sane beach.

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