Laem Sing

A hidden and insanely romantic and beautiful beach between Surin and Kamala. Enjoy the almost untouched nature of Phuket.

Have you ever heard of him? No? Well, then you're in for a surprise. Located on Phuket's west coast, this hidden beach, which often remains in the shadow of more famous beaches, offers a unique combination of tranquility and scenic beauty. Imagine turquoise waters, golden sands and lush greenery along the entire coastline. There are usually only 2-3 people on the beach, or maybe no one at all.

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Sounds and looks delicious, doesn't it? But before you call a motorcycle cab and slather on the sunscreen, let's find out what this place really offers and why it should be on your travel bucket list.

How to get there

Renting a car or scooter is quite popular among tourists. It gives you the opportunity to explore the island at your own pace. Don't forget about driving safety!

First you need to drive to Surin - this is extremely easy to do with any transportation. Renting a car or scooter is quite popular among tourists. This gives you the opportunity to explore the island at your own pace. Don't forget about driving safety!

Walk along Surin's coastline south towards Kamala, and you will come across a path in the rocks that will lead you directly to Laem Sing beach in 10-15 minutes. If in doubt, ask the friendly locals for directions! There are gorgeous views along the way as well.

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Sometimes you can use the services of boats from Kamala or Surin, which allow you to get to the beach quickly and without hiking.

Best time to visit

So, when is the perfect time to feel the sand of Laem Singh between your toes? Phuket has a tropical climate, which means it's quite warm throughout the year. However:

November through February is the dry season. Expect sunny skies and a nice breeze. Perfect for sunbathing!

March through October is the monsoon season. During this time it can rain and there can be strong waves in the sea, but it means there are fewer tourists and a calmer environment.

Given the climate, choose which you prefer - a sunny vacation or a more secluded rainy beach? Decide based on your preferences!

What's the beauty of Laem Singa

The main advantage of this beach is that it is not crowded. Unlike other beaches crowded with tourists, Laem Sing retains the feeling of being both unspoiled and at one with nature. There are no noisy vendors or crowds of tourists, only the rhythmic lull of the waves and the occasional chirping of birds breaks the silence.

Why is the beach deserted

So why is Laem Sing closed? All beaches in Thailand belong to the king, so the beach area is open to everyone. But the area around the beach may belong to private individuals, who can close access to it. For example, this is how the owners of the hotel on Paradise Beach act.

As for Laem Sing - In 2012, BB&T Bangkok Broadcasting and Television closed public access to it because all known paths to it at the time pass through company-owned land.

Local residents have asked the Thai Ministry of Justice to investigate the legal validity of this decision, but the dispute is still ongoing. It's good that we now know about another trail.

What to do

You have to realize that Laem Sing is a natural secluded beach and in terms of entertainment you are left to yourself, your company and nature. Here's what's on offer:

Sunbathing and relaxation - take your favorite book or just enjoy the beauty of nature.

Observation deck - the observation deck at the north end of the beach offers spectacular views during sunset. Don't miss it!

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A romantic evening - here you can often see couples walking hand in hand or enjoying a quiet picnic. The subdued lighting after sunset, moonlight and stars create an atmosphere conducive to romance. Picture this: A quiet dinner with a loved one to the music of the sea breeze and candlelit stars. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

Snorkeling at Laem Sing Beach - For those who think that the real beauty of a beach is hidden under its water, Laem Sing is quite an interesting place. The beach has clear water, and it's more interesting to snorkel along the edges where there are more rocks and coral that are home to swarms of fish.

Accommodation options

There is no infrastructure on the beach itself, but you can consider options nearby at Kamala, Surin and Bang Tao beaches.


To ensure your trip to Laem Sing Beach goes smoothly, here are some essentials:

  • Sunscreen - protect your skin from the tropical sun!
  • Comfortable shoes - to walk to the beach on the trail.
  • Swimsuits - after all, it is the beach.
  • Local money in cash - you're unlikely to be accepted for payment by card at a cliffside cafe.
  • Waterproof bag - to keep your gadgets and documents safe from unexpected splashes.

Imagine the situation - you're at the beach, ready to dive into the water, but then you realize you forgot your swimsuit. Oops! Better to be ready than sorry, right? Although in the case of this beach, the lack of a swimsuit can often be an inconsequential obstacle - there are no people around anyway. 

With its enchanting beauty and unspoiled atmosphere, Laem Sing Beach truly promises an unforgettable experience. There is something wonderful for everyone in this place. So, are you ready to create unforgettable memories?

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